Demicubes LLC

What’s the secret to the rich, satisfying flavor and incredible sheen of finishing sauces in French cuisine? It’s demi-glace – stock made from bones, vegetables and herbs, reduced to a nutritious, flavor-packed gel. It takes several days to make demi-glace yourself – that’s probably why most people don’t even know about this vital ‘secret ingredient.’

Demicubes LLC wants to change that. Demicubes are one-ounce cubes of frozen demi-glace – the perfect personal size. Just use one Demicube per plate with our sauce recipes to create smooth, authentic, glossy sauces quickly. Or add Demicubes to soups and stews to add a new depth of flavor and nutrition. You can make dinner like a gourmet in half an hour, and it’s delightfully easy.

Demicubes demi-glace is made in the tradition of Escoffier, just like you’d find in a French restaurant. Our Demicubes are all-natural and contain no additives or preservatives; despite this, they are freezer-stable indefinitely. And they’re versatile: you can use Demicubes anywhere you’d use stock or bouillon in soups, stews and side dishes. Once you get a taste for Demicubes demi-glace, you’ll want to use a cube in everything.

Demicubes LLC is owned by Chef Greg Tefs.