The Chef

Chef Greg Tefs served as a Chef Instructor at Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago for a decade. He received his culinary training in the grand French tradition at the Art Institute of Colorado. He considers himself ‘a loyal foot soldier of Escoffier’ and Demicubes are his solution to a common complaint: true French sauces often use demi-glace, which must be made by hand in a cooking and reduction process that takes several days.

Demicubes provide all of the advantages of demi-glace in an incredibly convenient form. Chef Tefs hopes to bring the joys of French cuisine to more homes throughout America with the versatile Beef Demicubes and Chicken Demicubes.

Outside of the kitchen, Greg enjoys organic gardening, cycling, and Canadian rockers Rush. (Back inside the kitchen, he’s passionate about the healing power of fermented foods!)